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In the Name of God

On 6 Esfand 1386 [25 February 2008], an extraordinary session of Branch 6 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Tehran, presided over by the undersigned, was convened, during which the file classified under /61853/85 was reviewed.

According to the contents of the file, which reflect an investigation at the request of the Division in Charge of Enforcing the [Order of Imam Khomeini] against Faramarz Iraninejad, regarding what must be done with the aforementioned individual’s assets, in carrying out Article 49 of the Constitution and the bylaws on executing the aforementioned law, based on Judgement number 6/86/369-- dated 9 Aban 1386 [31 October 2007], the necessary decision was issued. Upon its announcement to the parties to the claim, the decision was objected to and appealed. Given that, after bringing it up, a warning was issued to the aforementioned individual, as appellant, to ameliorate the file’s deficiencies, and given that in view of the expiration of the legally allotted time, he has not acted to complete the file and pay the cost for the review, etc., and has not ameliorated the deficiencies, this Court, with reliance upon the above-mentioned points, and a review of the file and the report of the respected director of the Office of the Court and other evidence, issues its decision as follows.

<<Decision of the Court>>

Based on the contents of the file, and in view of the fact that Mr. Faramarz Iraninejad has appealed Judgement number 6/86/369, dated 9 Aban 1386 [31 October 2007], and based on the expiration of the allotted time, despite the warning issued to the appellant, [he has not] ameliorated the deficiencies in the file, this Court, in finalizing the file with reliance upon amendments to two Articles, 339 and the Civil Code of Procedure, announces the rejection of the appellant’s appeal.  In case of an objection, the issued decision can be appealed to the Court of Appeals in the Province of Tehran up to twenty days after its date of issue. 12K0017

Head of Branch 6, Islamic Revolutionary Court of Iran



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