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Ministry of the Interior


Date: 27 Aban 1331 [18 November 1952]

[Number:] 142


Decoded Message from Rafsanjan


Ministry of the Interior,

Law Enforcement Office,


Further to the coded [message] 137 of 21 Aban 1331 [12 November 1952], taking into account the uprising of 15 Mehr [1331] [7 October 1952], which resulted in the court’s being attacked by the mob, the offenders’ running away, and the Baha’i Centre’s being destroyed and set on fire, and later the arrest warrant issued for Abbas Khandani—who had fled to Tehran, and by radio addressed the residents of Rafsanjan, deceiving and misleading them by his speech and also frightening the safety personnel—incidentally, today, the order for the suspension of Muhammad Binesh, the head of the court of Rafsanjan was also received.


With the rumour campaign of agents of instigators of the uprising and committers of the revolt [who pretend this revolt has occurred] because of people’s complaint, [while the reason for the replacement is something else] such changes will catch the attention of the residents, and they will think that Khandani and the perpetrators complained of [the head of the court] and have him suspended. This, obviously, will encourage the troublemakers and may possibly lead to another rebellion. It would be appreciated if, for the sake of maintaining the local safety and order, the Ministry of Justice Administration, by whatever means possible, would reinstate Mr. Binesh for a further one or two months in Rafsanjan. 142[?]




[Handwritten Note: 1] Law Enforcement Office.