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Justice Administration of Islamic Republic of Iran

Branch 2 of the Execution of Penal Judgments in Sanandaj

Issued letter


Letter Number: 8910118715201596

File Number: 8809988713100658

Branch Archival Reference: 891395

Date of Issuance: 16 Bahman 1389 [5 February 2011]

Enclosure: -----


Esteemed Commander of Special Police Station of Natural Resources in Sanandaj


With reference to court order number 890997871600958, issued from [Branch] 104 of the Penal Court in Sanandaj, which was confirmed and endorsed, the accused Mr. Ezzatollah Gouniyaie son of Ahmad, in the village of Darbandeh, has been ordered to be dispossessed of 14710 square meters of state property in the noted village. This is to instruct that the order of dispossession must be carried out in coordination with, and in the presence of, a representative of the Natural Resources Office in Sanandaj, and results reported within fifteen days.

Branch 2 of the Execution of the Public and Revolutionary Court in Sanandaj



[Handwritten note at the bottom of the page]

In the Name of God,

Mr. Amani, take immediate legal action


17 Bahman 1389 [6 February 2011]



Registered at the Office of the Natural Resources Special Station

Number: 937

Date: 17 Bahman 1389 [6 February 2011]

Enclosure: -----


[Signature over official stamp]

[Signature of the Justice Administration of the Province of Kurdistan]