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Record of interrogation and proceedings

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Court classification: 1598/73/D

Verdict number: 1266/73/D-R


On 22 Aban 1373 [13 November 1994], a session of Branch Number 1 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court in Yazd was held by the undersigned to investigate file number 70/59/1408. Having reviewed the contents of the file, the investigation was announced as having concluded, and the following verdict was issued.


Court Verdict

Concerning file 70/59/1408, the subjects of which are Seyyed Mahmoud Izadi and his wife, according to the file documents, and report number 51943/M/233, dated 7 Shahrivar 1373 [29 August 1994] of the Yazd Central Bureau of Investigation, which indicates that he and his wife have died and that their children are also Baha'is, [the children] are also subject to ruling number 70/59 of this court and the order to seize their property in favor of the Economic Complex of the Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation is hereby declared and issued.


Chief Justice of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Justice of Yazd, Branch 1


22 Aban 1373 [13 November 1994]


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Enforcement Orders

[Illegible] 1373 [1994]

24623 - [dated] 14 Farvardin 1373 [3 April 1994]