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7/10/1366 [28 December 1987]


In the Name of God

Trade Union Council of the City of Boroujen

With respect, I, Saadatollah Motamedi, need a business licence for [my] hardware shop located at Dah metri Street. Please provide me with the instructions concerning what I must do to obtain my business licence.

[I should also inform you that] this shop has been used for this purpose [i.e., as a hardware store] since 1362 [1983].

With regards, Saadatollah Motamedi


[handwritten note:  date at the bottom of the page]

In the Name of God

The issuance of a business licence is denied, owing to his admission [illegible] and affiliation with the Baha’i sect.

[signature over official stamp]

7/10/1366 [28 December 1987]