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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] The Constitutional Party of Iran (Liberal Democrats)

[Date:] 31 Ordibehesht 1394 [21 April 2015]


The Manifesto of the Constitutional Party of Iran (Liberal Democrat)

Let’s Fight Against Job Restrictions for Baha’is

The order of the commander of the Police Force to the Public Places Supervision Office, to restrict more than thirty jobs and prevent the activities of our Baha’i compatriots in various economic fields, has added another shame to the Islamic Republic’s black record.

The ill-fated regime of the Islamic Republic is, each day more than before, increasing the pressure on one of the most honourable and harmless segments of the Iranian society, the Baha’is, and with cruelty makes their conditions and lives more difficult and challenging in their country and homeland. One day they are dismissed from the government jobs and the next day their children are prevented from attending the universities, and one day, in every possible way, [the Republic is trying] to stop their economic activities. When none of these vicious tricks work, they are imprisoned and assassinated. In this way, the infamous Islamic Republic will eventually force them to leave their homeland and ancestral land or their religion.

The Islamic Republic cannot hide its melancholic fear of any other thought, religion or creed, and each day, in a way, reveals its inner fear and weakness, which is rooted in the weakness of its reasoning and the intellectual foundations of its thoughts. Our noble compatriots, the Muslims and the non-Muslims, are well aware that the Islamic Republic, out of feebleness, inability and the weakness of its ideological foundations, has engaged in such inhumane criminal methods, and not only do they not tolerate the Baha’is, but also other ideological groups or religions―from dervishes and Sufis to the Christians and Sunnis or anyone who thinks differently. The Islamic Republic of ignorance and insanity considers the existence of any ideology as a potential security threat; for that reason, it has oppressed everyone, as much as it can, and if possible, its criminal and bloodthirsty gangs who are left free can make life even more difficult for everyone.

The Constitutional Party of Iran (Liberal Democrats) while condemning the inhuman pressures of the Islamic Republic on all religious dissidents, especially the honourable and oppressed Baha’is of our country, calls on its high-minded compatriots to be vigilant and aware of the relentless struggle to end all discrimination and join the ranks of those who are working in this path for equal rights for all Iranians. Silence against the violation of their human rights will eventually lead to the violation of the human rights of all of us. We are sure that our high-minded compatriots will not leave their Baha’i compatriots, and any other religious dissidents in Iran, alone and will rush to their aid.

It is not permissible to put such a burden of shame on the history of Iran and on our kind and noble compatriots. Let’s erase it!

Long Live Iran