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[Personal information has been redacted.]



The Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Higher Education and Culture

Engineering and Technical Faculty


Date:  26 Ordibehesht 1362 [16 May 1983]

Number: 4134/ [?]

Enclosure: ------


To:  Central Office of Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor [Tehran]

From:  Admission Council of the university’s Faculty Technical and Engineering

Subject:  Referral to eligibility assessment for the continuation of university studies


[This is in regard to] Mr. Farzin Sabetian; father’s name: Naser; birth certificate number: [redacted]; born in [redacted]; birthdate: 5 Khordad [redacted]; student of the year:  1355; field of study:  structural engineering, Faculty of Architecture.


For the purpose of investigation by that esteemed Prosecution of the eligibility assessment for the continuation of his university studies, [he] is referred to you.  Once you have reviewed this matter and have made a decision, please inform us at the Admissions Office.


With gratitude and hope for divine assistance,

Admission Council


University’s Faculty of Technical and Engineering


[Two signatures and the official stamp]


University’s Faculty of Technical and Engineering:  The Technical College, Drafting College, the Foundation of Hydrology, the Foundation for Higher [illegible] Tehran College of Meteorology and Science, College of Telecommunications, the College of Construction, University of Work and Training of Technical Instructors, Tehran Polytechnic, University of Science and Technology Department of Training of the Ministry of [illegible], Department of Technology of Tehran (Department of Research and Training of the Country), College of Television and Cinema