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Islamic Republic of Iran

Division in Charge of Enforcing the Imam’s Orders

(Properties in possession of the Supreme Leader)

Fars Province Division


Number: 173-10313 DB-N

Date: 23/11/1374 [12 February 1996]

Enclosure: ----

The Esteemed Management of Lands and Deeds Registry Office, Shiraz




Respectfully, a copy of letter number 49 - 1/S -44/ 65 of the 1st Branch of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Shiraz addressed to that office is submitted and enclosed [with it] is a photocopy of Court Order number 147 dated 3/8/1374 [25 October 1995] of the Revolutionary Court of Shiraz, as well as the approval given by Haji Nayeri, representative of His Excellency the Supreme Leader, concerning the confiscation of one three-storey residential house, registration number 524 /14, located at District 3 Shiraz in the name of Khorsand and Seioshanseian; you are hereby directed to cancel the aforementioned deed and issue a new deed in the name of this division, and report the results of your action.

Additionally, brother Jafar Maleki is introduced herewith as the representative of this division for the purpose of signing documents and registries.


President of Division in Charge of Enforcing the Imam’s Orders, Fars Province

On behalf of Mohammad Karami


[Official stamp of] Division in Charge of Enforcing the Imam’s Orders, Fars Province


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Archives Office

5/2/1375 [24 April 1996]

[Official stamp with number and date]


5/2/1375 [24 April 1996]

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