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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Bonyad e-Mostazafan Foundation

Department for Confiscated Properties

In the Name of God


Number -----

Date 25/06/1358 [16 September 1979]

Enclosure -----


To Mr. Habib[ollah] Khalighi.

You are [hereby] notified that the property currently in your possession and which is located at Dehkadeh Avenue, Shaghayegh Street, number 46, belongs to the Bonyad e-Mostazafan Foundation. Please take proper action to evacuate within 20 days; otherwise you will be dealt with according to the law.


Bonyad e-Mostazafan Foundation

Supervisor of the Omana Company


[Official seal] Bonyad e-Mostazafan Omana Company

[Signature] Engineer, Azadegan