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Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor

Record of interrogation and proceedings

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Court classification: 145/74/D

Verdict number: 109/74/D-R

On 19 Farvardin 1374 [8 April 1995], a session of Branch Number 1 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Yazd was held by the undersigned to investigate file number 70/59/1000.  After the contents of the file were reviewed, the conclusion of the investigation was announced and the following verdict was issued.


Court Verdict

Concerning file number 70/59/1000, the case of Asadollah Mazidi, son of Ramezan, according to the case documents and report number 33/M/1097, dated 26 Farvardin 1371 [15 April 1992], from the honourable Department of Intelligence of Yazd, the court acknowledges this case as applicable in accordance with regulation number 70/59 of this court, and pronounces the order for the confiscation of his properties for the benefit of the commerce complex of Yazd’s charitable organization.


Head of the First Brach of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Justice - Yazd


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