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Islamic Republic of Iran

Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor of the Province of Yazd


Date: 6 Mehr 1359 [28 September 1980]

Number: 70/89/77

Attachment: ...  


In the Name of God

The court started during the extraordinary time, and after reading the Bill of Indictment, and subsequent to a review of the content of the records, the necessary discussions and debate concludes the hearing and the decision is issued as follows:


Court decision

In the case of the charges against Mehran Akhtarkhavari, son of Bahram, holding Baha’i registration  number....concerning membership in the perverse Baha’i sect, and therefore espionage for foreigners—such as the [all-consuming] America and the tyrannical Israeland considering the goals of multiple plans concerning the establishment of a Baha’i government in Iran and enforcing the explicit orders of America and Israel and the National Assembly of Iran based on injustice towards Muslims, according to the document sent from the document centre of the Islamic Revolution of Iran and long rolls of statements from the martyr-nurturing people of the Province of Yazd and the guidance from Ayatollah Mojahed Sadoughi, may his success  continue, reflected in file 59/70, it is clear and evident that he is guilty of the crimes, and the charges are proven beyond doubt. They fall under judgment number 59/70, which relates to the confiscation of properties. However, the provision of livelihood for his family and their debts, within a reasonable amount, are exempted as long as they do not abscond, and if they commit to non-participation in the activities of the perverse and lost sect.  


Islamic Revolutionary Court of the Province of Yazd