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The Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor's Office -----

Interrogation Form and Record 

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Court reference: 329/74/D

Decision number: 323/74/D-R

On 6 Ordibehesht 1374 [26 April 1995], Branch One of the Islamic Revolutionary Court in Yazd, presided by the undersigned, is convened to review file number 70-51-1524. Subsequent to reviewing the file records, the hearing was concluded and a decision was issued as follows:


Concerning file number 70/59/1534, pertaining to Mrs. Ladan Rabbani, daughter of Mohammad, in light of the file contents, and report number 65934/M/233, dated 4 Ordibehest [24 April] of the Department of Intelligence of Yazd – whereby it is indicated that Mrs. Ladan Rabbani is a Baha'i, and a fugitive residing in the United States, this court pursuant to verdict number 70/59, issues an order for the confiscation of her assets for the benefit of the Economic Complex of Imam Khomeini Relief Committee in Yazd.


Head of the Branch One of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Justice in Yazd [signature]


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Execution of Order [signature]


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In the Name of God

Certified Copy

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