[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


Number 1174

Date: 16/04/1361 [7 July 1982]

Enclosure: Yes



Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Justice

National Lands and Deeds Registry Organization

Registry Office for Area 7, Fars, Ports and Islands of the Persian Gulf


In the Name of God

Farhad Master

In reference to your letter dated 2/03/1361, 23 May 1982, it is hereby stated that according to the order issued by the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Shiraz, number 59/17/82, dated 14/11/360 [21 January 1982], all movable and immovable assets of Mr. Ardeshir Master, Houshang Master and their minor and adult children, who are either fugitives or have travelled abroad, are to be confiscated. The verdict also applies to your assets, and this office is in charge of enforcement of the court order. For your information, a copy of Circular number 59/82/17, dated 10/01/361 [30 March 1982], of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor's Office of Shiraz is herewith attached.


Head of Firouzabad Notary Office – Abdul Hamid [illegible]

[signature over official stamp]



Respected Registry Office for Area 7 of Fars, Ports and Islands of the Persian Gulf with reference to number 1386, dated 6/04/1361, [27 June 1982], for information