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“Therefore follow not passion, lest ye swerve from truth” [The Qur’an, 4:135]


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On 16 Aban 58 [7 November 1979], Branch 1 of the Central Islamic Republic Court met in an extraordinary session in order to investigate the [complaint] of the [Bonyad-e-] Mostazafin[1] regarding recovery of the assets of Dr. Ataollah Eghrari and his immediate family.


Court Decision:


[The complaints] and the existing documents and evidence in the file indicate that Ataollah Eghrari was closely associated with the Nawnahalan Company and its affiliated [institutions] and corporations. All of these companies have been active in strengthening and consolidating [international] Zionism and its puppet regime in Iran; further, all the organizers, shareholders, and affiliates of these companies, including Eghrari himself, in reliance on the former regime and its collaborators as well as the influential Zionist agents in [Iran], have been involved in the illegitimate appropriation of the property of the people and the plunder and looting of the country’s treasury, and all such monies and belongings were, in fact, assets and properties [belonging] to the nation. Therefore, in consideration of the above, the request of the Bonyad-e-Mostazafin Foundation, which is acting on behalf of the [illegible], regarding the recovery and confiscation of the belongings and properties of Ataollah Eghrari and his immediate family, as well as the belongings that others [through him] have illegitimately appropriated from the public assets, is considered a valid claim.   Relying on Article 12 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court’s Regulations, as ratified by the Islamic Revolutionary Council of Iran, this court orders the confiscation of all movable and immovable assets, shares, and salaries [belonging] to Ataollah Eghrari and his immediate family (wife and children) and also those [properties] belonging to other individuals who have, through him and illegitimately, acquired and benefited from the public funds, for the benefit of the Bonyad-e-Mostazafin.


This [judgment] is final and enforceable


[member] Legal Counsellor of the Court

[signed over official stamp]


Court Sharia Judge

[signed over official stamp]

16 Aban 58 [7 November 1979]





[1] [Foundation for the Poor]