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The Islamic Revolutionary Supreme Court

In the Name of God


Islamic Republic of Iran

Date: 5/10/1362 [26 December 1983]

Number: MA314

Enclosure -----


The file number 33428/[?]62 of the Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor, pertaining to Abbas Mehrnoush, son of Abdolmajid, and his sister, Mrs. Monireh Mehrnoush, and his children, who are members of the perverse Baha’i sect and have migrated to the United Kingdom, has been considered, and an order to confiscate their assets has been issued.  The file has been considered by the Islamic Revolutionary Supreme Court, and after consultation, the outcome is as follows:

According to the file documents, the above mentioned are members of the perverse sect.  Abbas Mehrnoush, who migrated 25 years ago and has not returned to Iran even once since the revolution, is not [illegible] the Islamic government and his assets are not included [illegible].  The decision to confiscate his assets is in accordance with the Islamic judicial principles, and therefore confirmed.  However, Mrs. Monireh Mehrnoush, who has travelled during the Revolution, as per her husband’s statement and the doctor’s certificate dated 7/11/1361 [27 January 1983], is being treated; she must be admitted to hospital and is unable to travel.  The submitted certificate is evidence that she will return to Iran and considers herself an Islamic government refugee.  Given that there is no evidence of her activities against the Islamic government in the file, it appears unlikely that the Islamic government [would] differentiate between her and other Baha’is who are not “Muhareb” and confiscate her residential building, which is not [illegible] where her husband resides.  It is therefore difficult to confiscate assets [illegible] unless it is proven that she was acting against the Islamic government or [that] her stay is not due to her illness; in which case, confiscating her assets [would be] in agreement with the Islamic judicial principles.

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