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Indeed, We have given you, [O Muhammad], a clear conquest[1]



Islamic Republic of Iran

The Mostazafan Foundation of Fars

Unit- Enforcement






Date: 29/6/1362-[20 September 1983]

Number: 2685/6/ F



In the name of God


“We are the winner of this war and there is no doubt about this”

Supreme Leader Imam Khomeini


To: Branch 4 of the Public and Civil Court of Shiraz

From: The Mostazafan Foundation of Fars


Peace be upon you

Regarding letter number 2688, date: 13/6/1362 [4 September 1983] we bring to your attention that Mrs Parvindokht Berjis is the wife of Ahmad Adab, the fugitive Baha’i whose properties were seized and was placed under the authority of this Foundation in accordance with ruling number 2601, date: 5/8/1361 [27 October 1982] of the Office of the Prosecutor of the Islamic Revolution.


Furthermore, we report that the furniture and contents of the property were not removed and the same tenants [who lived there before the confiscation of property] of the house, are still living there. Therefore the situation has been mentioned for your information./S


From: On behalf of the Acting head of the Mostazafan Foundation of Fars.


Signature over official stamp

24/6/1362-[15 September 1983]


Previous registration [file] to be attached

30/6/1362-[21 September 1983]





[1] [Quran 48:1]