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The Islamic Republic of Iran



Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor


Esteemed Head of the Commission for Articles 88 and 90 of the Constitution of the Islamic Consultative Assembly



With reference to letter number 6/15439, dated 9 Shahrivar 1372 [31 August 1993], concerning the charges of membership in the perverse Baha’i sect and activities on behalf of the illegal Baha’i administration undertaken by Mr. Nasrollah Miraftab and Mrs. Shoaiyyeh Miraftab, children of Nematollah, who left the protection of the Islamic Republic of Iran from the onset victory of the glorious Islamic Revolution and escaped to countries outside Iran, and finally, according to the judgment of the Islamic Revolutionary Court, which accords with Sharia standards, as well as the decrees of scholars of religious jurisprudence, that the properties of these types of individuals do not enjoy immunity, a Court order has been issued for the confiscation of all their properties and with reliance on the blessed order of the Supreme Leader, dated 16 Shahrivar 1368 [7 September 1989], the order of the Imam of the Nation dated 6 Khordad 1368 [27 May 1989], may his soul rest in paradise, as well as the opinion of Branch 1 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court, [subject court order] approved by them, is final and enforceable.  However, based on the instruction of the esteemed head of all courts, dated 13 Dey 1371 [3 January 1993], one parcel of land belonging to the above named and his sister is exempted [from this order] in order to satisfy their needs.


Deputy Public Prosecutor General of the Islamic Republic, Tehran

Mohammad-Ali Mahdavi


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Entered into: the Secretariat of the Islamic Consultative Assembly

Date: 7 Mehr 1371 [29 September 1992], time: ----

Number: 11869, Code: 9


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