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Islamic Republic of Iran

Office of the Prime Minister

Executive Note 82

Budget Year 1362 [1983]

In His Name, the Exalted


Number: S6/3375/7

Date: 19/9/1362 [10 December 1983]


Ashtad Corporation of Iran


Respectfully, whereas all movable and immovable assets of Messrs. Bahram Aidoun, Feraydoun Aidoun, and Jamshid Aidoun, as well as that of their immediate families have been confiscated in accordance with the court order number Ayn/62/3736, dated 31/2/1362 [21 May1983], for the benefit of the government of Islamic Republic of Iran, you are asked to advise on the number of shares they hold in that [Ashtad] company, as well as the list of all their movable and immovable assets. Please notify the representatives of this office: brothers Mohammad Reza and Agha Mohammad Kashi, and Ahmad Shapouri. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.


And from God is Success

Research and Investigation Unit


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