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[Personal information has been redacted.]


In the Name of God

[illegible] All materials confiscated from the Haghighatjou home, which were collected in the company of brother [illegible] are listed [below]. (Accusation membership in the Baha’i sect)

[illegible] Approximately 85 volumes of books related to Baha’i sect, as well as a few pamphlets

As many as 7 different photo frames relating to Baha’i sect

Many small handwritten notebooks relating to Baha’i subjects (around 30 volumes)

As many as 14 cassettes and 2 large recoded tapes (contents currently unknown), as well as a few photos related to friends and families, which comprise around 18 items

Time: 23:30pm dated 1/8/61 [23 Oct 1982]

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