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[Personal information has been redacted.]


The Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor of Iran

The Central Court of Combat with Munkarat [acts forbidden by Islamic jurisprudence]]



Islamic Republic of Iran


Branch: -----

Date: 7 Mordad 1361 [29 July 1982]

Enclosures: -----

Telephone: 870506


The Esteemed Financial Officer of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor of Iran, may your honour be perpetual

With greetings; since considering the re-examination of the closed case of this court regarding the confiscated properties, they are preferred debts [found exempt from liabilities], and there is no reason to establish the illegal or wrongful transfer by the condemned to his wife, therefore please view the list of the following items, and take proper action regarding their return to their original owner, wife of the condemned, Pari Vahdat-Hagh, and report the results and minutes of the transfer to this Court.

  1. One unit twelve-metre rug with red background
  2. One unit small television
  3. One unit five-wave radio
  4. One unit radio/tape-recorder
  5. One unit fishing rod
  6. Iranian coins with previous regime’s insignia, including one bag sent to the Court, to be returned to the wife of the condemned, following observation
  7. Four units Quarter-Pahlavi [coins]
  8. One gold ring with engraved carnelian stone
  9. One women’s wrist watch

The Head of Branch one of the Central Court of Combat with Munkarat – Tabatabaie