[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave[1]



The Islamic Republic of Iran

Department of Education, Head Office

Office of the Department of Education, Area 1 / District 4



[Official stamp]

[Photo of student]

[Official stamp]


Report card for the middle school three-year period

Second stage of public education


Zia-oshams Middle School in, Village..........District..........City: Shiraz


Student information:

Given name: Mahin, Surname: Rouhani Tazangi; Father’s name: Gholamali; Birth Certificate number: [redacted], issued in [redacted]; Date of Birth: Day: 7, Month: 10, Year: 46 [28 December 1967]

Information regarding the student has been taken from the original birth certificate, and is hereby confirmed.


First and last name of the Middle School Principal

Stamp and signature [signature over official stamp]


Space for annexing seal or stamp

[Office tariff was paid] [on top of] school year 1359-1350 [1980-1981]


[Handwritten notes on top of the page]

Was expelled from school because of being a Baha’i


[Handwritten note, number in the middle of the page]

4/ 192, 11/11/60 [31 January 1982]




[1] [This sentence is attributed to the Prophet Mohammad]