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Islamic Republic of Iran

Shiraz University


Number: [Illegible]/9

Date: 18 Dey 1362 [8 January 1984]

Enclosure: -----


In the Name of God

Judgement of Appeal, by Admission Committee


Mr. Saeid Sobhi Najafabadi, student of civil engineering, Department of Engineering, Shiraz University, Student Number: [redacted], Year of Admission 1355 [1976], Total units passed: 108, Average Mark 2/84

We hereby wish to inform you that:

Your letter of appeal, along with its attachments, was received by the Shiraz University Council on 10 Dey 1362 [31 December 1983]. The rehearing of your appeal, along with its attachments, began on 14 Dey 1362 [4 January 1984] and was completed on 14 Dey 1362 [4 January 1984]. The conclusion of this council, based on a majority decision, is as follows:

Based on:

Existing documents and evidence, and the conclusion of judicial authorities,

As per Article 1, Paragraph D of the Admission Guidelines for students, approved by the Council of Cultural Revolution, which were announced to the universities and higher education institutions of the country by the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education via circular number 172/M on 29 Farvardin 1362 [18 April 1983]; your request to continue your education has been denied due to your continued adherence to deviant positions and beliefs.

In addition, based on the criteria detailed in Article 31, Item ----- of the above-mentioned Guidelines, you are NOT eligible to apply for an equivalent degree, or to receive a post-secondary or bachelor’s diploma, available to the students as approved on 22 Shahrivar 1361 [13 September 1982] by the Council of Cultural Revolution.


  1. Avoid all unwarranted and repeated visits to the university or to other people in charge;
  2. For more information and advice, you can visit the Admission Council Liaison during office hours, at ----- Engineering Department on 1 Bahman 1362 [21 January 1984];
  3. In case you wish to dispute this decision, you can send your appeal, via registered mail, return receipt requested, along with the supporting documents and available evidence, including your exact address, and if possible, a phone number where you can be reached for urgent requests, no later than 6 Bahman 1362 [26 January 1984] to the Office of the Chancellor of the university. Alternatively, you can deliver them to his office and receive a receipt, so that he can forward your appeal and its attachments with full case history to the Central Admission Council for their final verdict;
  4. Appeals without the exact address of the appealing student will not be considered;
  5. The Central Admission Council, after receiving your appeal, will issue and forward its final verdict to you no later than the end of the current academic year.



[Official stamp] Director of the Admission Council