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Iran University of Science [and] Technology



Islamic Republic of Iran

In the Name of God


Number: 1614-76

Date: 29 Tir 1362 [20 July 1983]

Enclosure: One page


The Admissions Council’s Appeal decision


Mr. Masoud Majidi:

Student of mechanical science at the Faculty of Mechanics in the University of Science and Technology, holder of student number [redacted], year of admission to university: 1356 [1977], number of units------- with a final average of-------.

You are hereby informed that your appeal [letter], together with its enclosures, was received by the Admissions Council----- on -------- [date]. Your case was opened for reconsideration on 25 Tir 1362 [16 July 1983] and was finalised on 29 Tir 1362 [20 July 1983]. The unanimous decision/majority decision of this Council regarding the appeal is as follows:

Based on the report by the investigation group—x-- and existing evidence and documentation—x-- the evidence found reliable by Admission Council—x-- and your own confession----- opinion of judicial organizations----- and taking into account your claim of recantation----- and according to

-----      A: Article 1 of Clause D and

Article 1 of Clause B

of the Executive Guideline for the admission of university students enacted by the Council of Cultural Revolution, which was communicated thorough letter number M/172, dated 29 Farvardin 1362 [18 April 1983] from the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education to the universities and centres for higher education in the country.

-----      B: According to clause

            Guidelines for public admission, enacted by the Supreme Council of the Division in Charge of Enforcing the Imam’s Order,

-----      C: According to the opinion of the Central Admission Council of the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education

In the Name of the Most High


[Handwritten note at the top of page]

As you are a Baha’i, you must take the following steps.

With reference to the text of the decision that has been issued, if you wish to recant and embrace the true religion of Islam, the following two stages need to be completed, and the results should be submitted to the Admissions Council:

  1. You should go to the Sharia judge of the Islamic Revolutionary Court, and convert to the true religion of Islam, through the various required stages.
  2. Once section 1 is completed, you must publish your conversion, together with your photograph in the morning and evening editions of the widely circulated newspapers of the country (such as Ettelaat, Kayhan, Jomhoury-e Eslami, etc.). This should be done twice, and one week apart.

Once the two above stages have been completed, and the results presented to the Admissions Council, the issued decision will, of course, be reconsidered and the result will be conveyed to you.

[Official stamp] Admissions Council

Iran University of Science and Technology



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42 – 801

10/6 – 15/16


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17/17 – 4 Ordibehesht 1386 [24 April 2007]