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Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor of Tehran – Evin



Islamic Republic of Iran

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In the Name of God


Court Order

The Islamic Revolutionary Court of Tehran [illegible] is the signatory of the case below, case reference number 1/ [12252]/ [illegible]/66, [which] is under review, regarding Azizollah Mottahedeh, son of Abdor-Razzagh [Abdol-Vahhab], a Baha’i who fled the country.

Procedural synopsis: The above-mentioned case was investigated on [date] 5 Aban 1362 [27 October 1983] in Branch 12 of the court. The court commented about the repossession of his property. As, in the text of the order, one house had been identified as his own, the court ordered that his house should be repossessed, while the reasons mentioned for the repossession of confiscated property did not include all his properties and those properties that he [purchased] and registered under the names of his children. After the issuance of the decision, the case was sent to the esteemed Supreme Court for confirmation. The Supreme Court confirmed the confiscation of his properties [assuming] there was a single house, while the reasons for confiscation presented to the esteemed Supreme Court are inclusive of all his properties.  The esteemed Sharia judge of the Supreme Court, [in addition to,] the confirmation of the Court, in his own handwriting expresses his opinion and confirms the repossession of his “properties”.

After issuance of the order, the Investigation Unit announced that, so far, three houses have been identified that are owned by him or his relatives, and he has other properties as well. However, the Registration [Office] only included that single house for confiscation. The Executive Office Number [52] announced that the defendant had bought some properties and registered [them] under his children’s names. The esteemed court of [Branch 9], which had [the same] esteemed Sharia judge as Branch 12, believed the order applicable to the properties of the [defendant’s] relatives who were mentioned by the defendant. The case was sent to the court’s Branch 1 for clarification of the judgment. The esteemed Sharia judge, with a declaration of incompetency, sent the case to Economic Affairs. Finally, it was referred to this Branch and was reviewed. Following the investigation of the case sheets, the opinion is being issued.

With attention to what has been described above, and considering the opinion of Grand Ayatollah Montazeri about the Baha’is who fled the country, the subjects in this case and in similar cases  of the recovery of properties, are being a Baha’i and fleeing the country, regardless of  whatever the properties are and how much those are worth. These subjects are present in this case. Therefore, in the opinion of this court, the orders issued are inclusive of all of his belongings and those properties that he purchased on behalf of his children and registered under their names; meanwhile, the case will be sent to the Supreme Court for an opinion.


Sharia Judge, Branch 13, Islamic Revolutionary Court of Tehran

[Signature over official stamp]

28 [Mehr 1367] [20 October 1988]