Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Education

Administrative Offences Appeal Board

Date of issuance: 17/3/1369 [7 June 1990]


Decision Number 1/1872

Meeting of Branch One of the Administrative Offences Appeal Board is convened on 9/3/1369 [30 May 1990], in the presence of 2 principal and 1 substitutionary member, to review the file of Mrs. , daughter of Seyyed Asadollah, birth certificate number [redacted], issued in [redacted], born 1293 [1914], employee number [redacted], highest level of education middle school, group 7, level 15, last position teacher for the Ministry of Education, Town/Region Isfahan 5, Province Isfahan.  The employment status of the retired employee was reviewed as follows:

Procedural Synopsis:

According to the existing documents, the above noted began work in 1391 [1912]  (these date cannot be ccorrect as she was born in 1914 and retired in 1338) in Isfahan, continued her services as a teacher until she was retired in 1338 [1959].  Her file was reviewed by the Provisional Council for the Administrative Offences Board of the Ministry of Education in Isfahan in connection to her association with the perverse Baha'i sect.  Given that she admitted to the allegation, pursuant to Paragraph 2 of Article 19 of the Administrative Offences Act, she was dismissed from governmental services.  Subsequent to reviewing her verdict, she appealed the decision, and thus the file was forwarded to this Brach Branch for further review.  Subsequent to reviewing the file records, this Board sent the information regarding the allegations to the accused's address for submission of defence, and even though the correspondence of the Board was served on 4/2/1369 [24 April 1990], there has been no response to date.  Accordingly, the Board, in consideration of her pervious statement of appeal, indicating "I am a true Baha'i. My great grandfather was the first in Isfahan to accept the Bab, and was later martyred in Mazandaran..." issues a decision as follows:


The Board, subsequent to reviewing the file records, including page 15, whereby [the accused] has admitted to her affiliation with the said sect, considers her offence proven, and pursuant to Paragraph 2, Article 19 of the Administrative Offences Act, and in accordance with the decision of the Provisional Council of [the Ministry of] Education, [this Board] unanimously endorses the decision of permanent dismissal from governmental services, as per paragraph (h) of Article 10 of the said Act. This decision, as per Section (ayn) of the said Act is final and binding from the date of service.