[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


Number 14585

Date: 25/12/1370 [15 March 1992]


Justice Administration of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Justice Administration of Kerman Province


[Stamp over photograph]


Ye did not seek to hide yourselves, lest your hearing, your sight, and your skins should bear witness against you![1]

[Persian Translation of above verse]


The Office of the Public Prosecutor for Kerman certifies that this office has no criminal record for Mr. Manouchehr Rowhani-Najafabadi, son of Fathollah, birth certificate [redacted]issued at [redacted], born in 1320 [1941/42], [subject] of the above photograph.


On behalf of the Public Prosecutor this Kerman Mohammadi Afshar [signature]

[Official stamp]

[Administrative tariff was paid]

This certificate is official upon affixing of 500 rial stamp.


[Handwritten note on top of the page]

x Temporary Certificate x



[1] [Quran 41:22]