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Court of Administrative Justice


In the Name of the Almighty

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Date of Review:  24/2/1387 [13 May 2008] 

Case Reference No.1936/86/1 

Court Order:  405


Administrative Court:  Branch 1 of the Court of Administrative Justice

Appellant:  Ardeshir Fanaian, son of Mohammad-Ali, resident of [redacted]

Respondent:  Sanjesh National Assessment and Evaluation Organization


Subject of grievance and claim:  Release of information on student’s grades and admission to university


Procedural synopsis:  The appellant submitted the above-noted grievance to the Court of Administrative Justice against the respondent. Subsequent to the registration of the complaint under number 65897-2/12/86 [21 February 2008], the file was forwarded to this branch for review. The court accordingly has convened an extraordinary session in the presence of the undersigned, and subsequent to reviewing the file records, concludes the proceedings and renders a decision as follows: 




Subsequent to reviewing the file records and the statement of defense filed by the respondent, given that, based on the national entrance exam guidelines, candidates must meet general and specific criteria and conditions as stated in the booklet and that if it becomes evident that the candidate does not meet the requirements, his/her results will be considered null, and that the aforementioned organization, i.e., the respondent, does not recognize the appellant as having fulfilled the requirements, the appellant’s case has no merit and is thus dismissed. This court order is final.


Presiding Judge of Branch 1 of the Court of Administrative Justice—Rezaie

Advising Counsel of Branch 1 of the Court of Administrative Justice––Ghavami

Advising Counsel of Branch 1 of the Court of Administrative Justice––Mowlabeigi


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Secretariat of Branch 1 of the Court of Administrative Justice



22/4/87 [12 July 2008]


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