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Ministry of the Interior

Governor-General of Isfahan


Date: 28/07/1358 [20 October 1979]

Number: Sh/5403



Mr. Ataollah Sadeghi-Malakabadi, Isfahan [address is provided], Care of Mr. Rahmatollah Mousavi


In response to your enquiry dated 31/06/1358 [22 September 1979], you are hereby informed that, report number H/14587/15 dated 22/07/1358 [14 October 1979] from the Department of the Education’s Main Office in Isfahan, has clearly stated that employment of Iranian citizens in government department or affiliated organizations is illegal when they are not a believer of any of the officially recognised religions (of Islam, Judaism, Christianity, or Zoroastrianism).  Therefore your dismissal is in accordance with the current Article of law.


On behalf of the General-Governor of Isfahan