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Islamic Republic of Iran Judiciary

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In His Exalted Name

Date: 30/11/1368 [19 February 1990]. Case Reference: 759/68/6. Court Order Number: 779


Administrative authority: Branch Six of the Court of Administrative Justice

Appellant: Mr. Ali-Akbar Norouzian; [address]

Respondent: Provisional Council for the Reconstruction of Human Resources of the Ministry of Health, Branch 2 (Office of Social Security)

Grievance: Termination of Pension

Procedural synopsis: The appellant submitted the above complaint to the court on 20/10/1368 [10 January 1990]. Subsequent to registration, the file was forwarded to this Branch. Branch 6 of the Court of Administrative Justice is convened to review the case.  Subsequent to reviewing the file records, and considering the views of the court advisor, Mr. Rostami, the court concludes the hearing and issues a decision as follows:


Court Decision:

With reference to file number 759/68/6, concerning the complaint of Mr. Ali-Akbar Norouzian against the Provisional Council for the Restructuring [of Human Resources] for the Ministry of Health and Social Security, as per the content of the appeal, and considering the file records and the reply whereby the appellant’s appeal to unjust dismissal from governmental services and employment in related institutions was denied, and in light of the evidence and the admission of the appellant to the alleged charges in the indictment, [the court] does not find any violation of the regulations, and thus upholds the original decision, and issues a verdict accordingly.


Moghaddasi- Fard

Head of Branch 6 of the Court of Administrative Justice


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