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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Department: Intelligence

Office: -----

Date: 20 Aban 1331 [11 November 1952]

Number: -----

Attachment: 1-39363

Subject: -----



Ministry of the Interior

National Police Headquarters


In response to the communication, mention the letters and numbers with slash that supplement the official numbers.



Ministry of the Interior,

With reference to communication numbers 9725-M and 2443-N, dated 10 Aban 1331 [1 November 1952], as it was mentioned through communication numbers 38799-1-10702 on 10 Aban 1331 [1 November 1952], Captain Nasrollah Ebrahimi has replaced Captain Abdi as the head of the Police Headquarters of Rafsanjan. Regarding the reinforcement of the mentioned police station, necessary instructions have been issued to the Police Headquarters of Kerman.

On behalf of the National Police Headquarters