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Office of the Prime Minister

Date:  6/4/1326 [28 June 1947]

Number 5544,


Dear Mr. Saeid Sami‘i, governor general of the Second Province,


According to the report of the San‘ati and Ma‘dani Bank of Iran, Messrs. Azami, Vatandoust and Yazdani have recently instigated and provoked people to engage in some unexpected activities in the factories of the North, which have caused major loss and damage, leading to loss of production and income of these [factories].  A shaikh called Jalal provokes people by disseminating certain matters in the pulpit.  It is imperative that you take steps and implement effective measures to stop any activity that may provoke people, and some workers, and interrupt the peace and order, and report the results.


Prime Minister


Copy in response to the letter number ------, the San‘ati and Ma‘dani Bank of Iran, has been dispatched