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Office of the Prime Minister

Date:6/4/26-[28 June 1947]

Number: 5544;


Mr Saied Sami’i, Provincial Governor General of Second Province


According to the report of San‘ati and Ma‘dani Bank of Iran, Messrs Azami, Vatandoust, and Yazdani have recently started provoking unlawful [action]  by encouraging people to act in ways contrary to the norm. This has caused huge losses of income by the factories from [lower] production. A person, namely Sheikh Jalal, is spreading some stories from the pulpit which [further] agitates and provokes people. It is necessary to immediately stop these activities by the people [offenders] who cause the chaos by inciting and agitating people and also causing some of the workers to disturb peace and order and to make the necessary decisions and take effective action and report the result.


Prime Minister


Copy in response to the letter number 13680 – 16 Khordad 1326 [07 June 1947] the San‘ati and Ma‘dani Bank of Iran, has been dispatched