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Abdol-karim Sadriyyeh, Member of Parliament;


[Date: 19/05/1323 (10 August 1944)]

[No number]


To Honourable Mr. Prime Minister


Following the statements made in person regarding the revolution of Shahroud and the information that was presented, a few of those whose fathers have been killed, plundered and made homeless and who where there last night and witnessed the events , will now attend your presence and explain the case as it is. As these people declare, an influential factor in the occurrence of the revolution and plundering that led to the murder of a few individuals had been the Head of the police force and other officers. Those individuals not only failed to stop the revolution but also it appears that they themselves were amongst the revolutionaries.


Therefore, under the banner of protection of the nation, we entreat His Honour, who is the Head of the government, to personally and directly pay attention to this matter and not be satisfied with instructing other ministries and offices to execute action. In my opinion, the extent of the importance of this issue is that it requires dispatching an adequate number of Gendarmerie officers and forces, an adequate number of armed police officers, police commanders, inspectors, interrogators and the public prosecutor to Shahroud as soon as possible [even tomorrow, on Friday) via the express train, in order to arrest and prosecute the perpetrators and instigators of this murder and plunder regardless of the class they may be.


It is clear that if there is delay, the chaos, sedition and corruption will increase hour by hour and will completely disrupt the peace of the inhabitants. It may have reached your attention that a few of the wives and children of those who have been murdered and plundered and their houses and shops  looted, came to the Centre and are waiting for the immediate intervention of the government. It is the with the utmost surprise that, over the past 10 to 15 days that the information about Shahroud’s chaotic situation has been received, my own references to the commander of the police force with the request to direct their officers with a strict order to prevent this [situation], no action has been taken in this regard.


With regards

[Signature: Abdol-karim Sadriyyeh], 19/05/1323 [10 August 1944]


[Margin 1, Mohamad Saed[1] handwriting:], Act by referring to the history

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[1] [The Prime Minister]