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Ministry of Post, Telegraph and Telephone


From Yazd [to Tehran]

[Number:] 2451

[Original Date:] 30 Mehr [1327] [22 October 1948]

[Date Receive:] 1 Aban [1327] [23 October 1948]


His Excellency the Prime Minister,

Copy to Mr. Navvab: The Respected Representative of Yazd

I have previously submitted a number of complaints to His Excellency the Prime Minister about the disastrous behaviour of Mohammad Khalesizadeh, and was hoping that you may order investigation into my rightful complaints since this matter has so [saddened] the hearts of all the people that it cannot be described. The majority of the public, not to mention this sorely tested servant—who has been robbed of what is considered honourable and sanctified and [whose wife was taken with indescribable flagrancy] and whose honour and dignity [were assaulted and infringed by outstretched hands]—waits for these criminals to receive punishment for their heinous actions as soon as possible.

I am also aware that it is the desire of His Majesty the King to establish justice and expand the rule of law, and [that] the prime minister will wholeheartedly follow the instruction of His Majesty the King.

Therefore, I humbly and impatiently request you to urgently attend to the rightful complaints of this servant, whose dignity and honour have been [made to vanish] and trampled, that everyone will understand that the law will not only be enforced against lowly and weak servants, but rather that whoever commits the crimes and acts that are against the Islamic ordinances, even though [they wear] the spiritual robe, must be punished for their heinous acts.

Your servant,

Haji Hasan Hemmati


[Handwritten note 1:] [Stamp: received at the office of the prime minister, number: 13253, Date: 2 Aban 1327 (24 October 1948)]

[Handwritten note 2:] Number 1863/4 –10 Aban 1327 [1 November 1948]