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Presence of His Excellency, the Prime Minister, may his glory last

Respectfully, I convey the following. I have laboured for twenty-eight years and with blood and sweat brought up a pure-hearted and innocent son. At the first opportunity, he completed his two-year military service and one-month duty, and with the help of his meagre income has been able to provide for his family and pay taxes beyond his income. We have paid all government dues.

Now that this young man has gotten married according to the teachings of his religion, observing all legal requirements, because there was no office that would record his marriage, he has gone to the Personal Status Registration Office and the Ministry of Justice and the [Office of] Statistics and the main Personal Status Registration Office to do so. Instead of ordering it to be recorded, the result of this expression of chastity and purity and obedience to the law has been [for him] to become the subject of prosecution by the prosecutor general, and they have sentenced him to four months in prison. We appealed this injustice to the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court.

Unfortunately, those respected judges, too, have confirmed and maintained this decision, and they have finally put him in prison and also suspended this poor one from earning a living through the business that was being operated with his assistance. Now, I appeal for justice to Your Highness, who is responsible for maintaining the order of the ministries of this shahanshahi nation [kingdom]. It does not befit the history of the king’s justice that young people languish in prison corners in such a way and their heartbroken fathers and mothers and wives and children suffer with tearful eyes; nor would the respected judges consider the arena of the palace of the king’s justice to be limited to certain groups and leave a part of their oppressed servants, who are all well-wishers of the government, in prison.


29 Esfand 1319 [20 March 1941]

Javad Mahboubi [signature] Hamadan

It does not have stamp: 29 Esfand 1319 [20 March 1941]