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Business firm of Zohourollah Sobhani and brothers

Bojnourd telegram title, Sobhani

Date: 17 Tir 1323 [8 July 1944]


To the respected, long-lived, Mr. Prime Minister…

I respectfully submit the following: For a while now, peace and comfort has left us, the Baha’is of Bojnourd. The residents freely throw rocks at us and torture and physically abuse us. In the past few days, three of the Baha’is have been beaten up so badly in the bazaar of Bojnourd that they are unable to move. The authorities do not prevent it. In addition, they are trying to prevent us from earning an income to the point where we had to shut our businesses down…workwise, there are a few who attack in groups. 

So, altogether and wholeheartedly, dear respected Prime Minister, you must take a fundamentally serious step and think of the greater good of these long-suffering people, who have no desire but the unity of mankind and service to humanity. In a country which is called democratic and free, these people have lived in Iran for a hundred years and have proven themselves to be meek. This is proven to the whole world. [These people] are always under the tyranny of the masters of oppression and injustice, and the government does not do anything about it. 

You, our respected Prime Minister, for the sake of God’s pleasure, for the sake of Nature, come and pound the heads of these mobs and thugs who have disgraced Iran and the Iranians, or issue the order of execution of all the Baha’is. We are crushed under the tyranny and oppression of the unjust people and their hateful fists. We have no wish or desire but life or death.

In conclusion, I beg you to prosecute these few thugs. I wish you eternal dignity and happiness and long-lasting success. 


[Fanaollah Sobhani, a merchant of Bojnourd]


Fanaollah Sobhani


[Note at the bottom of the letter]

Stamp of receipt by the Office of the Ministers

[Number:] 9153

[Date:] 10 Mordad 1332 [1 August 1944]