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[Date:] 20 Mordad 1326 [12 August 1947]


Honourable Prime Minister,


The following is respectfully submitted for your attention: It is clear that the perpetuity of the nations is dependent upon the protection of unity. The current dangerous situation dictates that that general policy [protection of unity] must be intensely cared for. Your highness, too, has stated and has adopted this same principle as the top priority of your agenda for administering this nation. We, the residents of Karaj and environs, as our history shows, are known for keeping ourselves in a peaceful state and avoiding brawls and clamour, but we are now faced with an unbearable situation that is causing disorder, confusion and corruption; to remain silent is against the national and local interest. We would like to bring it to your attention for your consideration.


For the last while, reports have been circulating that the Baha’is intend to organize a special centre for their activities in Karaj. Gradually, some individuals are being moved here. There are clear signs to confirm this matter. As Karaj is becoming more developed, more signs of Baha’i activities are visible, to the extent that they are focusing on infiltrating government offices and departments in order to use them for conspiracy [plans].


For example, it is not clear why the Faculty of Agriculture, supposedly the hub of education and training, should be under the leadership of Engineer Abbas Davachi, son of Mirza Gholam-Ali, the famous Baha’i pharmacist. It is not truly conceivable that among all the technical people in the nation of Iran there was no other person, except this famous [second generation] Baha’i, to be in charge, where our children—it is better to say, his honour’s children—would be [exposed to] the intrigues and deceitful machinations of these corrupt and adventure seeking people.


The Sugar Factory of Karaj is also under the control of a group of Baha’is, who are using their own administrative positions, as well as the economic condition of the people, to try to pursue their perverse goals, using pressure by connivance and indulgence, to progress toward their destructive goals and widen their circle of corruption. They are also spreading their influence into other departments. Their dishonesty and exploitation is the cause of concern for the quiet inhabitants of the area, who are, regrettably, becoming depressed. Considering the national unity and thwarting such perpetual corruption, we have come to the conclusion that we should bring this to your notice, hoping that, through your special ingenuity, you will issue an order to destroy, through appropriate means, the treacherous ploy of these enemies of the nation and religion. Clearly, they are the corrupt tools of others, a dishonest group of imposters, furthering their influence to progress in the society. Until they are no longer rooted [in this society] and no longer have become the source of sedition and treason and no longer use the government departments and offices, and no longer spoil the national resources, they should be eradicated.


With highest respect,


[Signature: Hosein Keshavarz, Muhammad Zekikhani, Hasan Sharifian, Gholam Torkemani, Ali Karimi, Mohammad Hamadani… and some 75 other people]