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Ministry of the Interior

Political Division


Date: 27 Mordad 1322 [19 August 1943]

Number: 26225

Attachment: One copy


Confidential. Urgent


Governorate of Zabol,


Some of the residents of Zabol have signed a petition regarding provocation and propagation activities by the Baha’is, and have submitted it to the National Consultative Assembly a copy of which is enclosed. As stated in letter number 163 - dated 11 Khordad, 1322 [2 June 1943] and the letter number 25779/1936 – dated 28 Tir, 1322 [20 July 1943], you are hereby ordered to strongly prevent them from openly promoting [their faith] and also confirm the extent of their propagation activities.


Minister of the Interior


Head of the Political Division