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Ministry of the Interior

National Police Force Headquarters

Copy of Telegraph

Date: 23 Ordibehesht 1324 [13 May 1945]

Number 273


His Excellency, the Prime Minister,

Copy to the Ministry of the Interior

Copy to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Copy to the Head of the Police Force

Copy to Mr. Farrokh Fadavian

We are twenty Afghan families from Fars and Tajik tribes, who immigrated to Iran as refugees about thirty years ago. We are residing in Zabol and engage in farming. Since our arrival in Iran we have never had any criminal records, neither has anyone complained about us, nor have we been plaintiffs. You may enquire about this [fact], from the government authorities.

Recently, a few Baha’is have entered Zabol, who, besides propagating Bahaism, often disturb people.

On 18 Ordibehesht 1324 [8 May 1945], four Baha’is, by the names of Soheil Soheili, Hasan Taeed, Ali Mohammad Eftekhari and Nouri Taeed, without any reason, started fighting with Mr. Haj Mohammad Beik, one of the relatives of Fadavian, in the middle of Market Street. They all beat the haji and destroyed his and our dignity. Since Fadavian is a refugee who had left his family and country seeking refuge under the protection of the Iranian government, and tries to protect his life, his material possessions and his dignity, with these four Baha’is in town who have each come from a [different] city, he does not currently feel safe.

We supplicate you to attend to the situation, that we may continue our life as in the past and continue praying for the esteemed government authorities.

Sultan Baranpour, Mohammad Gholi Farsi, Nour Ali [Bour] Bouri, Yousef Ali Farsi, Saleh Mohammad Farsi, Mohammad Ali Lakzaeei, Gholam Mohammad Farahizadeh, Mohammad Ghasem Farsi, Dad Mohammad Fars, Haji Mohamad Tajeek, Shir-Ali Tajik, Gholam Hosein Farsi, Agha-Jan Farsi


Copy is identical to the original [signature]