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[Personal information has been redacted.]


[Date: Farvardin 1323 - March- April 1944]


Honourable, Mr Governor of Kashan,


As Your Honour is well aware and has often been reminded, it has been some time since Mr Khalesizadeh has misused freedom of speech in the pulpit, exceeding the [appropriate] limits for sermons and guidance, he insults and humiliates the culture, liberty, the nation’s customs and traditions, the historic noble families and the distinguished people of Iran. Given that he has been free from any restraints [on his behaviour], he recently has exceeded his subjecting of the public to aggression and his various social and other general attacks and assaults, and has begun insulting individuals and dignitaries and provoking ordinary people and threatens and aggressively demands money from individuals, and as for anyone who refuses, he says they will be subjected to abuse and slander in his sermons from the pulpit.  He [Mr Khalesizadeh] tries to lure and seduce people [into committing violence towards the Baha’is].  Finally, given that his abusive behaviour and his insults are intolerable, and that certainly he does not have any aim but to incite provocation and instigate sedition, it is requested that the authorities transfer the above-mentioned to another area before he succeeds in acting out his turbulent and chaotic plans, and thereby [continues to subject] the people of Kashan to the deprivation of their security and freedom.


Best regards.


A copy is given to the Prime Minister for information.


Sincerely yours.

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