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29 Farvardin 1323 [18 April 1944]


The Distinguished Minister of the Interior [May your fortune last forever],


I would like to cordially inform you that I am Abdollah (Oboudiyyat) Qomi from Qom, and an Iranian citizen; I am a Baha’i, whose life and family have been in Qom. A while ago, due to the difficulties of my livelihood, I had to travel [from Qom], but presently I have returned to Qom and I am occupied with my work and business.  The residents of Qom, without any reason, [just] because I am a Baha’i, every day create troubles for me and my family and disturb my comfort and occupation.  They forced me [out of my shops] and seized my two shops, which were my sources of income and livelihood; despite that, they have threatened me with death and vandalism. Therefore, I earnestly request that distinguished authority to provide the means of my comfort, that I may remain comfortably [without any disturbances] and prayerfully in my original homeland.


[Signature:  Abdollah Oboudiyyat]













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