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In the Name of God

Date: 12 Ordibehesht 1369 [2 May 1990]


Honorable Chief of the Supreme Court

Respectfully, I, Ali Habibi, son of Ahmad, hereby wish to bring to your attention that according to court orders number 173, dated 25 Esfand 1358 [15 March 1980], and number 1787, dated 24 Dey 1359 [14 January 1981] (copies attached), my home, located in the Village of Khormoj [redacted], was confiscated for the benefit of the Mostazafan Foundation [Foundation for the Poor], leaving me and my family homeless.

The respected authorities of the Islamic Republic have in their statements and declarations, repeatedly indicated that no one in Iran is persecuted for [his or her] religious ideology. However, and most unfortunately, in the Province of Bushehr and the Village of Khormoj, the Department of Land and Deed Registry of Khormoj and the Mostazafin Foundation have disregarded these respected laws of the Islamic government, and, contrary to codified laws and regulations, refused to recognize my ownership by deed, and have transferred my property to another person.

I hereby appeal to your honorable authority, and, in light of Articles 19, 20, 22, and 23 of the Constitution, ask that appropriate orders be issued to restore my rights, and that all orders for seizure of my home be nullified.

With best wishes for all [who serve]

Ali Habibi




[Handwritten note at the bottom of the page]

Enclosures: Two photocopies of unjust and ungodly court orders

Postal Code 71666

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