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[Date:] 23 Ordibehesht 1323 [13 May 1944]


To the Threshold of His Imperial Majesty of Iran,

Copy to:

National Consultative Assembly,

His Honour Ayatollah Seyyed Abu al-Hasan al-Isfahani,

Mr. Prime Minister, Minister of Justice (Head of the General Inspection Organization),

Judge Advocate General,

Hojatoleslam Mir Seyyed Mohammad Behbahani,

Minister of Interior,

Minister of Defence,

The Honourable General Military Prosecutor,

Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces


Your Highness is respectfully reminded about the operation committed in the Taleqan Block by Lieutenant General 2 Atefi, an employee of the Finance Department of the Army. It is as follows: The mentioned person has been going to the Taleqan Block for about three years for pleasure and recreation. He is not from Taleqan and has no business being there.

During the reign of His Highness, the former shah, he [Lieutenant General 2 Atefi] used to travel to and from the mentioned area where his stay did not raise any problems. However, last year, he entered the Village of Fashandak, as an official, [wearing] the revered army uniform, and began to propagate and seduce and invite a handful of common Muslims of the area to the disgraceful Baha’i Faith. As a result, he has expanded the scope of his operations against the law and the religion; on the other hand, he has deceived the people by distributing a sum close to three hundred thousand rials of money and free medicine and leading them to irreligious convictions through this demagogic means. Several times, his son-in-law accompanied the mentioned Lieutenant general to the villages of Shahrak, Safaj Khani, Jostan, and Gateh Deh in order to carry out his evil purpose and ideology, and in this way has tainted and shaken the morale and opinion of the inhabitants.

They often imagined that maybe this person, with so many military stripes and with the rank of Lieutenant general, had been commissioned by the government to promote the Faith of Baha’u’llah. What is more, in the Village of Fashandak there live two or three of his co-religionists, vile and atheistic as they are, and also in the Village of Jostan, in the house of a vulgar vagrant, they hold an assembly and gather a group of naive people and constantly recite and encourage them with meaningless and ridiculous Baha’i statements and sermons.

Betrayal of religion is betrayal of all the sanctities and honour of the nation. Betrayal of religion is a great crime against society. Betrayal of religion is against the interests of the Islamic state and the government. The ominous and shameful act of this callous lieutenant general, who calls himself Atefi [meaning empathetic], threatens everything. Iran is an Islamic country; the Iranian people are generally Muslim, mostly Shias. In Iran, the Muslim nation lives under the banner of the Islamic State. The propaganda of one person, a lieutenant general, has had a negative effect on the morale of the people; whether they like it or not, the people become suspicious of the government. If the government does not relieve him of the revered army uniform and does not hand him over to the court for punishment, the inhabitants of Taleqan will be forced to take other actions in accordance with the Sharia and the laws.

Such officers discredit the country and the society. The existence of such traitorous elements is a disgrace for the country and the nation. An officer whose bravery and courage should protect his country and national honour, an officer who wears the best and most respected uniform of the country and has been trained to cure the pains of society, contrary to the provisions of the government and the nation, calls the people to the religion of Baha’u’llah, to secularism, to dishonesty, to misery, to betrayal, to crime, to committing evil deeds against independence and everything. I do not mean insult and criticism, but it is a fact that this religion is contrary to rational belief. According to the provisions of the National Employment Act, the government has officially recognized four religions in Iran:  Islam, Zoroastrianism, Christianity and Judaism. Employees that belong to a religion other than the top four must be dismissed from government employment and summoned to court. Unfortunately, Lieutenant General Atefi, with full power and impudence, is propagandizing and acting against the independence of the Islamic State in Taleqan behind the gate of Tehran. In the opinion of this servant, the generality of Muslims and the nation, there will not be a more dangerous enemy for the country and society than these impure people.

We demand, we beg, we plead with you to rid the country of these impure beings. The cabinet and the ministers who take oath on the Quran in front of the parliament and the nation to serve the country, must, for the respect of such an oath, have respect for the law, respect for the preservation of the honour of religion, for the reverence and peace of the nation, to rid the society of such corrupt elements and punish them (most severe punishment). The nation expects the Islamic State and monarchy of Iran to support the religion of Islam and to spare no sacrifice, even in times of need, to preserve this religion. Unfortunately, the shameful operations of those like [Lieutenant General] Atefi, and other such corrupt and anarchic employees, produce no result other than creating irreparable sedition and public excitement and the notoriety of the government and society. Instead of expressing courage and reforming the society, this officer rises up to destroy the society and the country with his poisonous and disgraceful weapon (propaganda).

By presenting this report in the name of the advocacy of religion, as a private claimant who is interested in Taleqan, and as a citizen, I would like to inform the appropriate high officials that these community soldiers have used various types of activities to awaken dormant seditions and a flame of shame, and they shamelessly incite social poisoning. Taleqan is the most sensitive part of the country in terms of preserving the religious rites and religion of Islam. As mentioned above, as a private plaintiff, I request that you first stop the said general and forbid him to go to Taleqan again. If he is not prevented from going to Taleqan, the people of Taleqan will not be held responsible for any incident, and the responsibility will lie with the government. Secondly, according to the provisions of the ratified law in 1322 [1943], I have declared that the mentioned person has committed a crime, as described above, and I request that he be tried in a military court, [as during the war]. Thirdly, I demand that an investigator and an inspector be sent to the place, to prove that the above is true. Fourthly, the local office of the deputy governor has already considered the above issue and has reported Atefi’s operations directly to the Ministry of Interior, case number -----, dated 22 Mehr 1330 [15 October 1951]; hence, the action is under consideration in the political department of the Ministry of Interior. To clarify the case, please ask for the mentioned case [number].

Sincerely yours.

Seyyed Raouf Mostafavi


Mostafavi Address: Tehran, Section 7, Rey St., Notary Office No. 19


[Margin 1:] [One rial cancelled stamp].

[Margin 2:] [Stamp: Recorded in the Cabinet Office, Number. 4107, Date: 2 Khordad 1323 [23 May 1944]].