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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Date: 14 Tir 1322 [6 July 1943]

Number: -----

Attachment: -----



Ministry of the Interior

Department: Political Affairs

Office: -----


Brief of the petition

Name and family name of the petitioner:

Gholam-Hosein, Esmail and a number of other inhabitants of Zabol

Date and number of the general secretariat of the ministry: 21125 of 6 Tir 1322 [28 June 1943]

Date and registration number of the office of the department: 1936 of 7 Tir 1322 [29 June 1943]

The brief of the complaint about the Baha’is who are dwellers in Sistan recounts that a number of them are serving in the national and military departments, and some others, having business in the market, propagate their religion; thus, they have caused problems for the inhabitants.


Mr. Shahabi

Please wire it. 16 Tir [1322] [8 July 1943]


Place to which it has been referred: Zabol Governorate

 Date of exit from: -----