[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]

[Date:] 10 Bahman 1326 [31 January 1948]

[Number:] 7550

Enclosed: Telegram


Honourable Prime Minister


Two telegrams have been received at the Imperial Office from Kashan and Kashmar, signed by Muhammad-Hasan Motvassel and Rezvani and others, complaining that individuals, under the pretext of mourning have been bothering the inhabitants, and, being Baha’is, have been causing trouble for them.


There is another telegram from Ardeshir Master, the Secretary of the Baha’i Assembly of the place. Accordingly, the originals are being sent [to you].


Head of the special Imperial Office [signed: Hosein Sami‘i]


[Stamp: Received at the Office of the Prime Minister, number 22186, date: 11 Bahman 1326 (1 February 1948)]