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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Book number: 886



Ministry of Posts, Telegraph, and Telephone


Year: 1316

From: Tabriz

To: Tehran

Form number: [2]1339

Telegram number: 894

Number of words: 78

Date of original: 13

Remarks: ------

Date received: 13 Mehr

Recipient’s name: ------


Mr. Prime Minister, we, your servants, for three years, have been under the pressure of the injustices inflicted by Asghar Mohseni. Ultimately, based on the mistakes made by the provincial authorities and the Ministry of the Interior, we have been forced to emigrate from the Village of Seisan. Emigration of five farmers, leaving behind our residences and homes, is akin to the execution of several adults and children. I beg of you to issue a clear order to end the injustices and assaults brought upon us. Bagher—Ataollah—Fazlollah—Mozaffar—Seifollah.


[Telegram stamp]

[Note on the bottom of the letter] Inquire from the Ministry of the Interior to investigate what the fault is.

19 Mehr 1316 [11 October 1937]

[Stamp of the arrival in the Cabinet of Prime Minister] Dated: 15 Mehr 1316 [7 October 1937] Number: 10216