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Office of the Prime Minister

Number: 4300

Date of Transcription: 16 Khordad [6 June 1944]

Date registered: 18 Khordad 1323 [8 June 1944]

Direct and Urgent


Ministry of the Interior,

Hasan Rahimi, Haj Asaddollah [Eslami] and other inhabitants of Qom have submitted a telegram to His Imperial Majesty complaining that, at their location, a group has engaged in religious propagation activities, making insulting statements against the holy religion of Islam. That telegram is attached herewith, [along with] letter number 1047, dated 10 Khordad 1323 [31 May 1944], to the Private Office of His Majesty. Kindly instruct formation of a committee in that ministry to study the matter in principle and bring an end to such differences.


The Prime Minister