Aerial photographs and topographic maps from 1966 which identified the boundaries of the forest at that time were compared to aerial photographs on Google earth. It became clear that none of the subject plots recently confiscated from the Baha’is (land and structures) had ever been part of Natural Resources Department’s lands or reserve, either at the time of, or after, the “Land Reforms” process.

An aerial photograph taken between the years 1963-1966 is available and accessible in the National Geographic and Survey Organization, and by comparing this photograph along with the topographic map prepared in 1966, it shows the area covered by forest surrounding Roshankouh Village in the 1960s and 1970s.  A more recent aerial photo taken in 2016, shows that there has been no encroachment on the forest lands by the village of Roshankouh, but on the contrary, due to the abandonment and non-cultivation of some arable lands in recent years, a substantial part of agricultural lands of Roshankouh villagers has returned forest cover and has been annexed and added to forest lands.

Description of the Maps

  1. Image Number 1:

- Red lines: Forest boundaries in 1966

- Black lines: The disputed area of Natural Resources Department claim that used to be a forest.

* Google Earth background

  1.  Image Number 2:

- Topographic map of the area and the forest boundary related to the past (1966)

- Yellow Lines: The disputed area of Natural Resources Department, which they claim was forest.

- Red Lines: The forest boundary in the 1960s

  1.  Image Number 3:

- Pink Lines: The forest boundary in 1966

- Blue Lines: The area claimed by Natural Resources Department to be a forest

  1.  Image Number 4:

- White Area: Roshankouh formerly agricultural land that has been turned into a forest and is now in possession of the Natural Resources Department.

  1. Image Number 5:

- Bold Green Color: The areas the Natural Resources Department claimed used to be forest.

  1. Image Number 6: (Roshankouh 2016)

- Yellow Color: The disputed area claimed by the Natural Resources Department

- Red Color: The forest boundary in 1966