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Ministry of the Interior

Political Bureau and Passport


Dated: 6 Tir 1323 [27 June 1944]

Number: 2056-M -535 S

Attachment: None




Honourable Mr. Prime Minister,

In response to letter number 515 - 20 Khordad 1323 [10 June 1944], regarding the complaint of Baha’is about the mistreatment they received from the residents of Shahreza and Abadeh, please indicate who should be appointed as the members of the intended commission. Also, I bring to your attention letter number 17333 - 1989 - 23 Khordad 1323 [13 June 1944].


Behalf of Minister of the Interior




[Handwritten note on the top of the page:]

Mr. Dabiran, please attach the records. Please attach the draft of the letter that I was supposed to write in response to number 1989 to all the ministries. 


8 Tir 1323 [29 June 1944]


[Handwritten notes on the bottom of the page:]


Mr. Dabiran, it was presented [to the prime minister]. He was instructed to leave the matter to the Ministry of the Interior to appoint the competent members to form the commission. 12 Tir 1323 [3 July 1944]




10 Tir 1323 [1 July 1944]


[Stamp & signature]

10 Tir 1323 [1 July 1944]