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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Industries, [Illegible]


Number: 701/66513

Date: 13 Bahman 1395 [1 February 2017]


Dear General Directorate of Supervision, Operational Management and Legal Affairs of Mazandaran Governor General

Subject: Sealing of the Commercial Units in the City of Qaemshahr

With greetings,

Respectfully, in reference to letter number 86/14/87705, dated 27 Dey 1395 [16 January 2017], regarding the sealing of commercial units in Qaemshahr City, I would like to inform you that the mentioned units were sealed directly by the Public Places Supervision Office based on specific decisions.

Mohammad Mohammadpour Emran

Head of the Organization




- For the information of the honourable head of the security department of the organization

- The Office of Trade Affairs and Trade Unions

- Action 233745