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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

Department of Technical Training and Human Resources

Mazandaran Province


Date:  5/10/1360 (26 December 1981)

Number:   2360



In the Name of God


Centre for Technical Training and Human Resources, Babol


In connection with the enclosed copy of letter number 10544 of 23/9/1360 (14 December 1981), from the Executive Manager of Training regarding the closure of the Kimia Training Centre, which was managed by Mrs. Shamsi Jahan-Nikanpour from the Baha’i sect, you are hereby informed that should you observe similar cases, you should immediately inform the appropriate Provincial authorities.


Mohsen Panahi

Supervisor of Technical Training and Human Resources, Mazandaran Province


Copy will be forwarded to the Kimia Cosmetology Training Centre, for information and action


Mohsen Yadollahzadeh



Acting Director of the Center for Human Resources Training, Babol